Revolutionize Your Routine Part One

“Alexa, start my day." I ask my Amazon Echo to commence my pre programed routine each morning, and she (yes, I do indeed refer to a piece of technology by human pronouns)

executes a series of meticulously selected actions. First, the lights come on as I drag my feet out of bed. As I wander my room picking article's of clothing, and preparing for the day ahead as she continues reading me the days news, weather, and current traffic conditions.

Our routines shape our life. I have often found that what is repeated is remembered. Having a routine that shapes your goals, values, and human experience into the image of

Jesus is key for us that are in Christ. The routines, rhythms, and positive habits we commit to help us to remember what we value.

Technology assists us in many ways by making life a little bit easier, but creating a routine does not happen at the mere click of a button. It is important to be intentional about the

routines you bring into or remove from your life because what is not intentionally decided will be unintentionally defaulted. This could mean if you intend to read your bible daily but don't incorporate the time to do so you will likely forget. It has been said, “those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” A sad reality is that we can become so busy preparing for moments of life that we forget to plan how we can accomplish our missions in life.

What are we to do in a world where the focus is not on order but instead balance? A culture where it is standard expectation to perform a perfect balancing act one hundred

percent of the time? Get the kids to school before we making the call while driving the car to the job that is filled with tasks and responsibilities before going home to a family that requires emotional commitment, personal devotion, and a host of other things. As humans we are not created to balance, but we are created to prioritize. God loves order.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 ESV

In this life we are awarded the opportunity to choose our destination, but God is the one who supplies the directions. However it is within this divine dilemma that we are able to

prepare for what may come our way. God prepares his people before they are positioned countless times in the Bible (see Noah, David, Etc.) In this New Year, lets revolutionize our routine, not leaving the destination of our lives up to chance, but preparing for it with intentional choices we make every day.